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Publishing a Workout

As noted before creating and publishing workouts are, with intent, separate processes. Given this, it would be logical to discuss creating a workout first.  There are a number of existing workouts within the platform from which you can choose to make immediately available.

When publishing an existing workout click on the “workouts” tab within the navigation bar. You will then have the visibility of all workouts contained within the platform. To the right of each workout you will see a series of 5 icons. The first of which allows you to publish a given workout, whether it be one that already resides within the platform, or a new workout you create.

In order to publish a workout there are a number of variables to be considered. These are outlined below with a brief description of each in order to allow context

Delivery Method – upon being published, workouts can be delivered to a TV, a kiosk or mobile device.

Post Dates – when publishing a workout you have the ability to define a validity range for said workout. Simply select the repeat post box and then insert a corresponding “start” and “end” date for the workout. It is worth noting that you also have the ability to filter the delivery of a training program within the entire range of validity allowing you to painting fresh content. Options you may choose include:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

Selecting a “Location” or “Group” – if you select “Location” the workout will be delivered to all users. Please note, if you have multiple locations you will need to select which location(s) the program should be delivered to.

Please note that “Location” overrides “Group” when both are selected.

If you select “Group”, said workout will only be delivered to the users associated with the group(s) of your choosing. The process of creating groups and associating users with groups is related to our mobile app only.

Workouts to Add – this allows you to publish any number of workouts, not just the one associated with the icon which you initially selected.

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