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Manage Exercise

As previously noted, there are a significant number of exercises pre-loaded in the Digital Coach platform.  It is also, very quick and easy to add your own exercises (we will discuss this process at a later point. As a result, managing and\or understanding the various qualities and/or characteristics associated with exercises becomes necessary.)

To that end we would like to touch briefly on each of the following:

  1. Searching for Exercises
  2. Exercise Types
  3. Exercise Levels
  4. Exercise Scoring
  5. Exercise Intensity
  6. Exercise Attributes

Searching Exercises

All exercises within the platform are easily found by clicking on “Data” from the main menu bar. Upon doing so, the complete list of exercises is provided. In addition to the name of the exercise you are provided with an image and video of the given exercise, as well as the characteristics noted above.

From this point, there are a number of different ways to search for an exercise.

  1. Direct Search – Immediately below “Manage Exercise” is a window allowing you to type in the name of the exercise.
  2. Search by Exercise Type – As we discussed earlier “Type” is not a required field when creating an exercise, but when utilized as an identifier it can be useful as a search filter.  
  3. Search by Exercise Level – Allows you to search for exercises based on the ability and/or proficiency of the individual or group in question.
  4. Search by Exercise Intensity – Allows you to search for exercises associated with a given exercise Intensity.  Intensity levels are color coded and are tied to a specific HR response to the exercise in question.
  5. Search by Exercise Attributes – Allows you to search by the attribute a given exercise is associated with.
  6. Search by Exercise Scoring – Scoring relates to the completion of an exercise regardless of the given attribute associated with an exercise (I.E. total distance, total time or total repetitions).

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