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Displaying a Workout

Congratulations! Your are now ready to push workout content from the Digital Coach platform.

The next step is to connect your iPad device to the TV, projector or other AV device you will be using for delivering the visualization. Upon doing so, launch the Digital Coach iPad app and identify the program/workout of your choosing (remember the program creation and publishing are two separate actions, so if you do not see the desired program you will need to ensure that it has in fact been published).

Upon selecting the desired workout you should see the following:

  • On The TV it will read “START” followed by the name of the workout.
  • On the iPad there will be a box entitled “TV Controls

Simply touch the  “ >”  icon to begin casting the workout and you are off and running!

For more details about setting up the Digital Coach app and using its features please view the iPad Application section.

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