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Creating a Workout

When creating a “New” workout the Digital Coach platform has 6 different templates to choose from. The template chosen will dictate what corresponding information is displayed. As an example, some templates include timer controls, which can automate the workout when displayed on a TV.

The 6 different templates and a description of each are as follows:

Workout of the Day – a basic template which allows up to 12 exercises to be displayed on a TV screen at one time and an unlimited amount of exercises when published to Mobile or Kiosk.  There are no automated timer controls on Workout of the Day workouts. Available on Mobile, TV, and Kiosk.

Workout of the Day Template

Blocks – a template which breaks up exercises into blocks.  You can show up to 8 exercises per block and a timer control will govern how long a specific block is displayed on the TV screen before automatically switching to the next block of exercises.  You can automate the transition from one block to the next or choose to advance blocks manually by leaving the work timer for each block set to 00:00. Available on TV Only.

Blocks Template

Intervals – a template designed to show a workout in blocks with a uniform timer control for each block of exercises.  You can show up to 8 exercises per block and a timer control will govern the work:rest ratio plus the number of intervals (to repeat).  This template is good for Tabata style programming or when you are looking for uniform work:rest intervals within a workout. Available on TV Only.

Intervals Template

Stations – a template designed to show up to 3 exercises on a screen at individual stations.  This style of template is used when you want to coordinate different stations with separate TV screens using one central timer.  Available on TV Only.

Stations Tempalte

Circuits – a template which shows all exercises in the workout in a carousel style.  This means all participants in the workout are seeing and performing the same single exercise at the same time. Available on TV Only.

Circuits Template

Tandem – a template designed to show all exercises on the screen at once.  Exercises are broken into pairs (tandem) and the screen will display up to 8 exercises on the screen at one time, which means you can display up to 4 tandem exercises at one time.  This template is designed for superset or partner training. Available on TV Only.

Tandem Template

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