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Connecting iPad to Display

You have 2 different methods to connect to the TV.

  1. HDMI
  2. Apple Airplay

HDMI is going to require an apple approved dongle that connects to the iPad via the lightning port.

HDMI Connection

Airplay requires an Apple TV and a wireless connection that both devices are connected to.

Apple Airplay Connection

If you are not connected via the HDMI cord or Apple Airplay you will see a message on the iPad telling you to connect to the TV. This message will let you know something is not set up correctly.

Error Message

Once you successfully connect to the TV, you will see “Waiting for Workout” message on the TV screen and this will show until you click the start button on the iPad. Clicking the start button will initiate a workout countdown displayed on the TV.

Successfully Connected Message

All controls for what is displayed on the TV will be found on your iPad dashboard.

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